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Fiftieth disturbanc香港万花楼楼凤e of 7 chapters villa

” doomsday beyond star ” Xue Ranjiu is deep and remote / , this chapter in all 2064 words, update at: 2014-06-24 23:00

One’s voice in speech of Guo dawn month just fell, complexion of the other side black, really the announcement says the person of former place where troops are stationed must not help newcome person. But, this group of people are affirmatory oneself, those who follow them to eat is full those who wear is warm, fool knows to which should choose at the same time.

“Ah! This person the person that now can be us, I call Yan Shan, you or what hand over villa darlingly is good. Lest! Moved a hand to come 3 beauty, we also are not the people with cruel-hearted what, such! 3 beauty if promise to join us, we can let the old arrange a pretty good villa to you again. ” a pair of small eyes are in what keep on Shan Xing, Xiaoyue and the body of orchid aunt to sweep move, hit in the heart small 99.

This can be the beautiful woman that sees inaccessibly, and, still be 3, among them a fine gauze ancient costume that still wears, look at very tick off popular feeling soul. If them 3 are enrolled,give in the team the old, perhaps, oneself this pedestrian still can drink bit of boiling water.

“I do not like his eyes. ” Yu Shan star slowly say.

“That did not want! ” the road flies upwards say of take advantage of an opportunity, can have not waited for him to start work, another person had started work.

“Ah — , my eye, I want you to die, want dead entirely. ” Yan Shan did not think of they persuade a hand to start work, and rate is very rapid, oneself still did not have reaction of there’s still time to had lost an eye.

From Yan Shanyi double lubricious eye keeps thinking a bit begin, what there is an anonymous fire to keep in heart of fourth modest boat is jumpy. Star of this paragraph of time not very pays attention to him, the road flies upwards to look for a star again constantly, fourth modest boat more and more feel to the crisis feels.

Yan Shanshuang eye is destroyed, in the heart aflame with passion, in the mentality with the powerful discharge inside house indiscriminate attack rises. Here actual strength is the poorest should be that ‘ seller begs flourish ‘ man, when be atttacked by Yan Shan’s mentality, he is most topple first, limb takes labor.

And follow the comer since Yan Shanyi to also be frightened by this one act, they did not think of completely just is to want a villa, how to meet meet unexpectedly so the person that pokes a head. Is that man that takes them to come what to what setting the person here does not have say? Also do not have a rank on pop chart.

“The head is very painful — . ” small if a small room resisted a little while,also be not maintained, holding a head in the arms to crouch on the ground.

Eyes showing a bit one dark, most first call gave rainstorm injection.

“Wait — . ” companion word of Yan Shan has not talked, poll had boiled aside, still have Yan Shan’s moral quality among them.

Guo Xiao Yue visited orchid one’s mother’s sister, continue to drink the chocolate in beginning to suckle. This a flock of philtrum, die on orchid aunt hand occupied much, included Yan Shan among them, do not become hard small if high after suffering comes happiness of this P child? Be still orchid aunt mother love runs rampant? Xiao Yue’s cerebella begins to rise crankily in bag.

An unpleasant hematic fishy smell diffused in the house, have the taste of a funeral cadaver blood. Shan Xing wrinkles nose, little hand one brandish, lost these a few bodies go out, get on the ground corrupt serum managed clean.

“How does this person do? ” the traitor say that Wei Liang is pointing to faint to be in the ground.

“Hm — . ” the man that lies on the ground gradually delay crosses a god to come, feel a little dazed to the head goes up, disgusting keck.

“This kind of person is staying trashy also, was killed directly! ” Guo Xiao Yue licks labellum, laughing at say.

Hear the other side says to wanted to kill his, the man is stimulated clever sat, sweep all around, that group of people that come along with oneself already be dead. Blamed, they drop myself to run unexpectedly.

“Not, do not kill me, I also am to force have to, I am wrong, I again also not dare. ” the man defends bridge knock to come at first forward immediately.

“Since you dare take them to grab our house, the castigatory that after nature should become good failure, should get! ” Guo Xiao Yue puts the mark cup in the hand on the desk, procrastinating to grow long skirt to place, walk a pendulous *** your person shine at the moment.


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Descendant of dragon of god of the 42nd香港小姐兼职 chapter

” doomsday beyond star ” Xue Ranjiu is deep and remote / , this chapter in all 2013 words, update at: 2014-06-11 23:00

“I am not a person, it is earthworm bewitching to repair an adult. ” of p reaper of fourth modest boat look at Yu Shan star.

“Earthworm? Divine dragon descendant? ” when remembering first time encounters fourth modest boat in the head, the dream that made in the evening that day.

“Hum, master, did you remember who I am? ” the holds Yu Shan bit hand with fourth modest excited boat.

“Remember? You fasten branch off topic, say honest. ” the boat of will fourth modest that Yu Shan star cold-shoulders is pushed.

“I lived 800 years in this earth, 800 years ago, the big fight of exceeding lofty or great because of celestial being world, leave hole of occurrence bug of the twist between be free. And I am not careful by bug hole inspiratory come to the earth, because earthly spirit gas is really too much rare be short of, plus pass through internal injury was caused when bug hole, actual strength drops substantially. I try hard at the same time cultivate oneself according to a religious doctrine is raised, learn how to live in city as a mankind at the same time. Learn how to live in city as a mankind at the same time..

Sound seem very complex, knock of more than finger showing a bit a few sofa protect a hand to go up: “How long did you live? “How long did you live??

Fourth modest boat is red face is low head say: “More than 3600 years. “More than 3600 years..

More than 3600 years old? A true antediluvian: “If, then I did not save day you, how are you met? How are you met??

Fourth modest boat is stupefied the Wang Xiangyu that be stupefied shows a bit: “If, then day did not encounter you, I can start true energy of life, try to open dimensional bug hole. But. . . ..

Meaning that is to say, more than beat the air showing a bit was enraged, the family has a plan early, it is oneself officious. Had not waited for fourth modest boat to say, more than glare showing a bit he is one, rise preparation answers a room.

Fourth modest boat blocks Yu Shan star hastily: “Master, you had promised to won’t pay no attention to me, also won’t drive me to go, I know I conceal the identity you can get angry certainly. But, I fear you can drive me to go, I do not want to lose you again! Original, I am to want to waited for time to grow, tell you slowly again, but… . But… ..

Fourth modest boat grasps both hands urgently, a pair exceed unripe about early early to death, one held Yu Shan star in arms: “Star, you won’t believe certainly, I like you, I am true… ah… . ” the fourth modest boat that still professions in deep feeling by Yu Shan star one foot kicks flying dash against wall, groan of chirp shrink to be not moved on the ground.

Yu Shan star is red face hoped Guo Xiao Yuehe hides in the kitchen secretly a few people, stamp one’s foot stamp took a space, and enjoin Bai Lin allow without hers, everybody forbids to take a space, include Guo Xiao Yue.

See take a flight showing a bit, guo Xiao Yue kicks the fourth modest boat that still makes up dead with tiptoe: “Original, you return peek to wear my home star ah! Was opposite, is you say not to want to lose tiny spot again how to return a responsibility? Is you say not to want to lose tiny spot again how to return a responsibility??

“I am the divine animal when master preexistence, host is mixed later my before host produced gap, the host before I was returned. ” fourth modest boat in a low voice saying, the day that is together with host is his happiest life, he does not want to be lost again.

“True? False? You and star are not same spatio-temporal, how metempsychosis reincarnation! ” Guo Xiao Yue crouched to use private seal stamp returns the Ding Qian boat in possum.

“I do not know, but I am very affirmative, she is my host! ” fourth modest boat has turned the head will look at Guo Xiao Yue sturdily.

“Must not grab host with me! ! ! ” the glare of firm of firm of small Bai Lin boat of a Ding Qian, in the heart so afflictive that want dead, smelly insect wants only after it worries about host very much and do not want oneself. Grind fang, bite none politely readily was in on the buttock of fourth modest boat.

“Ah ah ah — . ” the asp sound of be overwhelmed with sorrow or joy was passed so.

… …

The first thing after actual strength promotes is contented food desire, so the 2nd thing is his actual strength below the experiment achieve which kinds of intensity. The Yu Shan bit that good psychology builds is done in the space, the instant gave a space.


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6香港旺角建兴大厦楼凤 chapters enter thirtieth east area

” doomsday beyond star ” Xue Ranjiu is deep and remote / , this chapter in all 2006 words, update at: 2014-06-08 23:00

After the fast information that gives Guo dawn report has been filled, of respect a piece of cram the paper of their team information hands in grant Guo Xiao Yue: “What we are in charge of is young Everyman and single person different can person accommodation problem, the actual strength of your maniple itself has exceeded us administer limits. Nevertheless you can take this piece of form to look for castellan controller in the city, will plan the accommodation issue of everybody by him. Will plan the accommodation issue of everybody by him..

“Thank ” Guo Xiao Yue has been received, handed again Yu Shan star.

“Is more than header? Castellan government office is in the structure with city top center, after everybody goes into town, ask to know. ” after the soldier says, the face before restoring immediately does not have expression.

“Oh! ” Yu Shan star did not see wind of cloud wash one’s hair a flock of people, crossed them to walk into a city directly however.

Fourth modest boat follows hastily close, he now most those who be afraid of is Yu Shan star can abandon he.

“Boat elder brother… . ” Bai Xuegang wants to catch up with, be defended however the soldier of city gate barred come down, she can helplessly look at Ding Qian boat to leave.

Leng Ze strokes the lower jaw, the identity of this group of people lets him really very scruple, if be Everyman, he is grabbed directly is, regrettablly…

Him if it were not for the elder brother is the 5th different on a list of names posted up of new angry rank can person, oneself are here impossibly also tyrannize. Nevertheless, those 3 women, very beautiful really, since cannot rapacious, can one step by step came.

“Etc, you come for the first time new life is not familiar with very much certainly. I know the way that goes to castellan office, as, I take everybody to go! ” Lengze moves close to Yu Shan star, the say of flattery.

Yu Shan star did not answer his word, guo Xiao Yue saw Shan Xing, be forced to accept word principle: “That thanks you, our header strength is not quite good, do not like side side to have as dry as a chip voice. Hear that as dry as a chip sound to be able to make the mood of captain becomes very bad, captain mood is bad to be angry easily. You know, our header is igneous department different can person, and very powerful, if she gets angry, likelihood this place where troops are stationed is about to destroy, I say really. I say really..

“Oh be? Do you call Guo Xiao Yue to be opposite? My memory is pretty good, you not only clever, beautiful and moral nature is good humorous, admire a face to eat a meal in the evening! ” Leng Ze saw Guo Xiao Yue answer oneself word, the invitation that puts forward immediately.

Xiaoyue laughs, face about took Wei Liang’s arm: “Feel embarrassed, the likelihood cannot go to an appointment, my boy friend will be angry. ” little hand twisted circuit in the soft flesh between the waist that defend bridge, the hold back that defend bridge must blush to dare not revolt again, be forced to be born forcedly to be being borne unripely.

This ability faces up to Leng Ze this assistant team leader, see about follow temperament very those two people that resemble keep goal, is he also a soldier? It is how keep goal material can be mixed again nevertheless him most propbably, but since family so said bad also to do too beyond the mark.

“Ah! Where is this lady? ” Lengze looks at the target again immediately to the orchid aunt that follows silently all the time after everybody, disregard the little boy that orchid aunt is pulling directly.

Yu Shan star raises eyebrow, do not have those who prevent Leng Ze to make up to however.

“Orchid aunt is the wife that I did not come to, she won’t have a meal with you. ” the sound of glutinous cowardly rang, little the palm of the hand collected posse gas immediately, aeriform center gloomy, sending out a bad breath.

“If high, disappear *** . ” beyond Shan Xingli engraves say. In that *** can accumulate contained very strong poisonous gas, can compares the poison of those common funeral cadaver, hearing even oneself so high actual strength very uncomfortable, more what is more,the rather that someone else.

Su Rexuan glare a Leng Ze, very obedient disappear the *** in the hand.

“Do not offend orchid aunt, but that bub has very severe Oedipus complex, you again so do not know weight, careful he can kill you really. ” well-meaning of Guo dawn month reminds.

Leng Ze shrinks neck, laugh: “Be[……]

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Flying mo香港万花楼楼凤th of thirtieth chapter mutation

” doomsday beyond star ” Xue Ranjiu is deep and remote / , this chapter in all 2010 words, update at: 2014-06-05 23:00

“My child… my… . “My child… my… ..

When finding that to wipe gray form, this ability sees Shan Xing clear, so that is a middleaged woman. Right now, this middleaged woman is in cling to pulling to be hanged in in the air tremendous aurelian.

Shan Xing and more than everybody are right looked, before going up, You Weiliang accosts.

“Hello! ” Wei Liangcai just started to talk, middleaged woman screams rise: “Do not be afraid of, we won’t harm you. We won’t harm you..

This ability notices middleaged woman this group of people, in a low voice ask: “Are you… the mankind? ” the double foot that the woman held Wei Liang in arms immediately: “Beg you to help the child that helps me, beg you. Beg you..

Wei Liang some are not quite comfortable should meet such condition, throw the eyes of ask for help to captain hastily, see team leader a pair you are done advocate appearance, to madam say: “You unlock my base first, have what word you say slowly. Have what word you say slowly..

Woman this ability is loose Wei Liang’s foot, look at in the air a bug is aurelian: “My child is flown to by those moth blames box up. “My child is flown to by those moth blames box up..

Beyond Shan Xingchao is worn Guo Xiao Yue nods, xiao Yue takes out the violet report sword between the waist, behead was broken connecting the silk screen with aurelian bug. The bug that the catching that defend bridge falls down is aurelian, xiao Yue takes the advantage of a woman to still cross a god to come without delay, clever lacerate bug is aurelian cortical.

Everybody has slanted in succession the head cannot bear go looking.

Bug is aurelian inside lying a girl, carrying a pair of a little transparent wing on the back after one’s death. And on the face that shows a girl, scale had appeared with arm place on the neck. Yu Shan star cannot help pursy brows, again a bit later, before be afraid this girl can become, see that is only large the appearance of flying moth.

“Girl, I am mom! Wake, mom will save you. ” the woman pats the face that playing a girl gently, calling her pet name.

Lie in bug aurelian the girl inside struggled, the wing behind trembled slightly, yu Shan star a few people immediately cautionary rise. The eye of girl lock is moved, opening what after opening one’s eyes, appear is a white however, still have bit of perception it seems that.

” , element Buddhist nun? ” girl small mouth a piece, it is spinal mouthparts was shown completely, a few syllable that do not calculate clarity are spat in black mouth.

“Girl, be me! I am mom. ” woman hastily say.

” , sanded nest… Qiu Ni… Sha Le nest… Qiu Ni. ” the girl is moved already developmental be like into curved hook procurable, if evolution is complete, this pair of hands may traverse human body!

“I… . ” the woman covers the face is painful, the girl also talks no longer.

“Did you hear the word that is clear that this girl place says? ” Yu Shan star stealthily asking back a flock of people.

Guo Xiao Yue buys Shan Xing’s arm, she does not get signal again laughed, the family is so miserable.

The woman cried a little while, touched the girl’s face gently: “Girl, mom Is am sorry you, mom won’t let you become the sort of an eccentric person, very fast you are unfixed. ” woman to Wei Liang knock one build, reject Wei Liang to want to support the move that she rises: “Beg you, help my daughter, make her unfixed! Make her unfixed!!

“Are you to want to let me… killed her? ” Wei Liang continues to ask.

The woman hesitated a little while, nod finally.

“I come! ” the before one pace on Yu Shan star, the body that the bolide that runs discharge of true energy of life to go out mutates the girl is burned so that remain one caboodle dirt only.

The woman is stupefied, some response do not come: “You… be different can person? ” see Yu Shan star nod, woman eyes one dark: “The daughter that thanks you to let me gets freeing oneself, you down the country leave to be able to arrive at new life of new human place where troops are stationed to enrage, hasten! Hasten!!

See the woman begins to collect the small broken character that remain is burned on the ground, defend Liang Wendao: “Why don’t you go new seat of the mankind? Do that call a new student angry place? Do that call a new student angry place??

The woman does not have utter a word, collect small broken character of the daughter, sighed deeply at a h[……]

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Princess of wa香港万花楼楼凤y of spirit of the 62nd chapter

” cold Xue Zhi is loved ” childe asking feeling / , this chapter in all 4472 words, update at: 2014-10-15 09:00

Inside the grove of Sichuan hill yellow hill, do not know to be worn to have light hematic fishy smell, the fight closely that may be a beast probably and of generation, but should repair only to reach the true person of true person state can smell out this is person blood…

The shadow dream that sunshine spins, liu Yihan comes in the grove that ever encountered with her then again, but not be this to play musical instrument however however smell out hematic fishy smell, right the blood that is a person! But why to taste a bit incorrect?

Grove inland recalls the Qingguangyi on ring finger of cold left hand to shine, lonesome what appear in Liu Yihan immediately is right go up over, autumn wind rustles! Let him find a dangerous flavor unexpectedly, since leaving cereal of cure celestial being this is from this since for the first time. Lonesome blueness sparkles solely, vigilant move establishs white eye all round, nose smell smell, hematic flavour is closer…

“Buzz! ” in Liu Yihan hand lonesome the breath that ased if to also find risk gives out a sword to cry will remind host, but be in this moment Bai Yun by incarnadine flashy, leading the hematic thunder of thick fishy smell together, recall landwards cold break off, the Liu Yihan below Tian Weizhi is moved unexpectedly not active also, the split second that why he before falling down holds in the eye saw a familiar figure unexpectedly: “It is you actually… “

Right now the Bai Mei outside hole of the heavenly bodies of Sichuan Shan Tianshan forced smile, oneself already were with this Sichuan the life with the longer in an attempt to of syncretic of hill of day hill person in Shan Liushan, but besides is he also cannot step day hill again half pace, otherwise end times grey flying smoke destroys cannot 6 metempsychosis.

“Division honour! Lifetime of small white end also goes after the achievement that is less than your half! Lifetime of small white end also goes after the achievement that is less than your half!!

Inside the grove on ethereal yellow hill!

Liu Yihan opened the double key point that closed for ages it seems that, the element musical instrument of his of sunward backside had not seen the face, that is to him this precious thing.

“Are you to looking for this? ” she! Mo Chenxi’s sound is passed from the lakelet from grove, liu Yihan slowly stand up, of hematic thunder break off next bodies that invite him to have some of coma. Double eye looks at the direction that talks to that, seeing only is clear originally the lake water that sees an end turned thick blood into water, and right now Mo Chenxi is to have no the station of clothings of any cover up a scandal to be in hematic water, loftily in the eye that Shuang Feng appears in Liu Yihan immediately, he of long-distance running of a suit white garment hastily face about goes, his face has been red!

Person of that black clothes in brain appeared again, the black clothes person in brain laughs: ” slight cold! Give and accept of male and female is not close, later but cannot again optional peek the laugh of adjacent home is beautiful bathed “

“Good-looking? ” the Mo Chenxi in hematic water laughs,

“Did not see! ” lonesome teenager covers the position of the heart, do not know why to be oneself just when face about sees that white thing, what oneself heart beats unexpectedly is so fierce.

“Ah! Should that Gu make your face about see Gu again but good? The princess of Gu? ” do not know to was which place to wait for close she 100000 wants to always want to amuse however right now amuse oneself this teenager before.

“Need not! Just then hematic thunder… be the method that you use? ” Liu Yihan back to Mo Chenxi,

Mo Chenxi is nodded, path: “Hum! Right, your sword is too fierce, gu still thinks is the enemy! Gu still thinks is the enemy!!

“Where is my musical instrument? ” Liu Yihan asks, that is the most precious to him, I do not want to desertion because of my reason finish, the 3 spirit that because where be returned,having his wife 7 soul.

“Destroyed! ” the Mo Chenxi in hematic water is optional path very,

“Destroyed? ” gules coloured glaze replaced white apathetic eyeball, messy length was having a few to paint red below hair, few of Shan Ji of the Qing Guangyi on left hand ring finger is grasped to be in the right hand, bloodsucking glow covered lonesome sword body.

The instant sees a Bai Yingfei passes only, the clutch of teenager left hand that there is solitary figure in a sea of blood is worn Mo Chenxi’s neck slowly[……]

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Black g香港名模外围own of the 16th chapter

” cold Xue Zhi is loved ” childe asking feeling / , this chapter in all 3077 words, update at: 2014-09-26 08:00

Moon again be given to replace by the sun, the sun in winter just brings warmth to the person it seems that same, crossed for a long time to also do not see the snow on the ground melts.

The He Dahu that sword of the drive in the sky flies has been been like no longer right now once upon a time that kind, below the appearance of that foolish foolish many a few segregate are heavy, double eye also had a lot of gules blood silk, fear has given He Dahu enveloped! 5 days… 5 days! Already full 5 days, but… oneself still did not find hiding black gown, does the He Dahu in memory remember a master once saying: ? Does by ± of gourd ladle ⅲ kind arrange 3 M to wait for arrogant of crotch of Jia short for the Yihe River does colour of σ of  of Che Wu  invade word of  of  of  of approach of Huang of cook of land of another name for Guangdong Province of tip of band of  of  of contraction of  of Lu of dispute of cowardly of carbonyl of  of  of  Lai Mo and  of  of to joke of joyous  overstep one’s authority?

“What I wish do not want,restore is so fast! ” He Dahu’s agonized smile had replaced the appearance of foolish foolish, the speed that drive sword flies has reached perfection.

He Dahu wants to return Sichuan hill, want living go back! Because over there the woman that he loves very much! For that woman that is loving his greatly also He Dahu feels oneself this are living, that is he survives exclusively in fear the belief that come down! Her beauty! Her tenderness! Big tiger of her each word congratulate is written down deeply in the heart.

Knot of He Dahu both hands imprints, imprint before the bosom light glow, the wind that attacks head on right now lets let He Dahu nose however the bloody flavour of filar silk! That is dead flavour! The rate of the sword is very rapid, but hematic flavour is thicker however!

What didn’t when setting out, she say to oneself, be the face is taking: of smile of be ashamed be ashamed only?

He Dahu slowly from ridicule rise, laugh at: ? Hold  of gourd ladle of ancient wine vessel high.

“Wait for me! Waiting for me! Waiting for me to go back marry you! ” sound rises in the noise in He Dahu heart! That sound is just as the big bell that hits broken nightmare, bump into the scared move that defeated black gown to bring, do not be fear of death to also do not yearn for without the person without the person living!

The speed that drive sword flies really very fast, but He Dahu’s state is however differ with black gown too far, if day and ground are common!

The bloody flavour is grumous choke in wind is nose,

He Dahu slowly turn overdo, from the back is the mist of posse black, bloody flavour comes out from the hair in Hei Wu, mist congratulate big tiger of black has seen, it is now only the Hei Wu behind oneself is to compare what had seen before oneself to want however many grumous, one Jing does not know He Dahu Hei Wu is when to be at the back of oneself back.

On the sword, knot of both hands of congratulate big tiger imprints faster! The sword below the foot is fast also below the circumstance that the knot imprints many, but the Hei Wu that does not cross back quickly still however.

Heart of congratulate big tiger knew not to pass how long can be oneself and sword given to envelop by Hei Wu, be afraid to moment is the same die with a grievance or everlasting regret that thinks in true heart.

Bite gnash one’s teeth! Touchdown of face of sword of He Dahu drive goes up, him He Dahu also knows, drive sword flies one but what is arriving on the ground with also do not have, but if not the word of be born, be afraid is be given to envelop by Hei Wu between breath, one but if enveloping, oneself also are to absolutely refuse to surely but, because then Hei Wu is black gown place,change!

If descend on the earth like rain,the sword changes Cheng Baiguang, the Hei Wu on the sky also slowly coagulate together, before long Hei Wu had person look. Black aba lets a person be concealed in darkness same, “Ah! Junior! An old fellow like me will find enemy! Waiting for an old fellow like me! An old fellow like me also should taste the anguish that an old fellow like me awaits in those days, unending angle, dog of the home that be like funeral is general… ah!

Dog of the home that be like funeral is general… ah!!

Shade laughs at black gown, changed afresh again the step that black mist follow closely follows a He Dahu,

“Huang Silang! Your nearly destroys my repairing to be that day, make vigour of an old fellow like me big hu[……]

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Married daughter of the 33rd chapter is made wi香港夜网论坛th body photograph

” cold Xue Zhi is loved ” childe asking feeling / , this chapter in all 4354 words, update at: 2014-10-02 09:00

Both hands of one foot spurn is entertaining the visitor oneself flower flexibly, laugh: “You are not to say, does a future life do an ox to do a horse to an old fellow like me? An old fellow like me agreed ” return future to must reach happy situation to fall flexibly in the flower, hematic guest again: “This sends an old fellow like me you go a future life! ” both hands holds the long knife that rise so the flower on Chao Xue ground flexibly one knife is broken off below…

“Ah! Help! If who saved me… married daughter was made with body photograph! ” the eyeball of lock have sth in mind that the flower fears flexibly cries greatly, this is the flower leaves death so close for the first time flexibly, also be to feel death is such dreariness actually for the first time, if possible word… the flower would rather lose the freedom that she says to also do not wish to trying flexibly.

“Ah! Who be? Who be??

“Slight cold! You came eventually! You came eventually!!

Close the flower of the eye to listen to knife side side only flexibly ” ping! ” , back-to-back move heard two conversation voice, one is the foolish foolish heart with long appearance however extremely the foolish foolish childe of hole dad, one is the old monkey that wants to kill his.

The flower ensured he does not have a thing temporarily flexibly, spend then flexibly slowly opened her that pair of double eyes of bewitch by cajolery, but very fast flower flexibly very regret to open oneself eye, because she saw a pair of apathetic eyes, the eye that goes up like the dead body is same, the sort of scared feeling had filled death…

“In wind my nose hematic fishy smell, the knife that is you is sent! ” Liu Yihan’s word is simple palpability very,

“You… you… be what person be? ” hematic guest is covering scaredly to break brachial in the future to retreat footpath,

If be spent right now flexibly can careful see oneself lie of the ground all round the arm that can discover to grasping a knife,

“Kill your person! ” Liu Yihan,

Hematic guest does not know him why at sight of of that white garment teenager the eye seems to see hell is general, that apathetic eye lets hematic guest want to know the white garment boy on oneself very much is a person… still be ghost!

“You… you… are you also brother? ” hematic guest asks, when this white garment boy comes oneself are heard clearly just was hit by oneself a fellow that dies partly call him slight cold, do not become hard… is if a friar just is like that fellow,becoming this slight cold hard also? Think of this blood guest is gone to the rate that withdraw is rapidder.

“I am not what friar, I am a swordsman ” Liu Yihan, confront hematic visitor one step by step backtrack of in the future, liu Yihan just stands in place to be not moved, be also such ants and mole crickets can let him move how again? The sword in needing brandish to wave only but.

“Swordsman? ” hematic guest is stupefied, double eye looks at the sword that this ability discovers to Liu Yihan right hand is being grasped, just just Liu Yihan Na Yijian is not had soundlessly in breath with respect to stump his arm, the heart that fear was stained with him lets him cannot see well very well land recalls the sword in cold hand to stop!

“Are you brother? ” hematic guest trembles, be in after all junior when that friar gives him the shadow in the heart too big.

Liu Yihan shakes his head, state oneself are not.

Hematic guest loosened in the heart a gas, friar of if it were not for with respect to easy to handle…

“Why do since are you brother,you kill an old fellow like me even then? “Why do since are you brother,you kill an old fellow like me even then??

Guest saying blood has broken the right hand that went holding a knife, but the skill of his a suit also is not to be completely over long knife of that ghost head, whose person did not protect the medium of the life again? See hematic guest covers only the left hand palm of sword arm slowly shut the type that forms an eagle claw, the left hand that he believes to with oneself this clastic rock breaks gold is certain can one claw ends him side year the life of Bai Yi’s teenager. But hematic guest forgot him it seems that how is that Achillean sword arm broken, probably he considers as Liu Yihan to taking the advantage of his carelessly so ability stump, can you be this likelihood?

Liu Yihan that pair of apathetic eyes forward hematic guest looks, hematic guest feels him heart is medium immediately one[……]

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